About ERIC

In the ERIC Centre we run an entrepreneurship Eco-system, supporting student entrepreneurship, collaborative networks, incubation, and development programmes such as new Frontiers.

We work collaboratively with entrepreneurs, focusing on the entrepreneurs themselves as well as their business idea. Our strong connection with an entrepreneurial ecosystem allows us incubate ideas in a "live" entrepreneurial learning environment whilst always maintaining an international focus.

Our Team

ERIC centre key services

Our Facilities

ERIC provides 9 office units, hot-desking space for 14 own desk start-ups, training & meeting rooms, cafe, plus a wide range of business supports.

Our goal is to support the development of entrepreneurs through a comprehensive range of supports as they grow and scale.

Business Supports


To help you decide if the New Frontiers programme is for you, we’ve put together some long and short-themed case study video interviews with previous participants.